Tasara Centre For Creative Weaving  
International Workshop
Weaving,Dyeing and Printing
Centre For Creative Weaving
North Beypore, Calicut 673 015
Total monthly fee of 900 Euros on a room sharing basis and 1200 Euros on an exclusive room basis Includes
food and accommodation
raw material worth 50 Euros for weaving and weaving lessons
TASARA -an Institution dedicated to creative weaving, is situated In Beypore, a village in Kerala. on the west coast of India. Founded in 1989, Tasara (weaver's shuttle in Sanskrit) is an extension of Spider Weavers, which was established in 1977 .The Centre endeavors to deliver a contemporary touch to this age old form of art, by bringing together artists and weavers in an inspiring ambience, enabling both to break through the limitations of their own mediums.
The Centre is well experienced in collabo- rating with renowned artists and designers in realizing their projects. Tasara provides training in weaving, dyeing (chemicaI and natural printing and batik) for both beginers and advanced. Tasara annual Workshops have become a major textile venue for in- ternational artists and weavers to get to- gether and interact.
Tasara tapestries have been widely exhibited in India, Europe, the US. and the Middle Easts and have won the acclaim of all the media, connoisseurs and laymen alike. Tasara hand- woven furnishings and tapestries decorate many a prestigeous private and public houses across the world.
The fee of $750 lor one month's framing / artist- in-residence includes supplies worft $50, food, accomodation, individual looms and weaving lessons. An advance of $100 is required on registration.Participants will have chance to experience and explore the lifestyle and flavour of the local culture.
Tasara attracts artists and weavers from all over the world and provides basis for research and Workshops. The training programs on weaving and allied subjects are open through the year.
Tasara techniques are unique to the Centre and have given a whole new dimension to contemporary weaving. Applying dyes directly onto the warp allows for active spatial arrange ments and surface layering of colours provide a far greater potential for artistic expression.
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